Latest Tapas Specials




Crema De Camaron

shrimp bisque soup 7

Ensalada De Las Islas 

in-house smoked salmon slices, mango, and avocado in our shallot and balsamic vinaigrette 12

Langosta Casa d’Paco

whole in-shell chopped lobster and shrimp in a flamed brandy, chili and  tomato reduction 25

Langostino Mozambique XXL

XXL tiger shrimp stuffed with crabmeat broiled 12

 Bombas De Barcelona

in-house cured chorizo and mash croquettes served with aioli 8

Cabrito Lechal Asado

goatling marinated for several days in wine and spices, seared and roasted 18

Escalopes Al Limon

grilled jumbo scallops in a lemon butter sauce 12

Bacalao Fresco a La Romana

egg battered fresh cod, fried, served with a salad 14

Filete De Lenguado Relleno De Marisco

battered filet sole stuffed with Chilean lump crab in a lemon butter sauce 12

Pollo Fiorentina

chicken breast stuffed with serrano ham, manchego and parmesan  cheese 13

*Specials are subject to change without notice.

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