Tapas Daily Specials




Callos a Galega
garbanzo bean stew with pork and beef pieces 7

Langosta, Almejas y Camarones en Salsa de Langosta
half-lobster, little neck clams and shrimp in a homemade lobster sauce 16

Presa Ibérica
pata-negra fresh pork shoulder marinated in garlic and pimentón grilled 13

Bacalao Fresco al Limón
fresh cod fillet egg battered served in lemon butter sauce 10

Pollo Fiorentina
chicken breast stuffed serrano ham and mozzarella cheese 9

Zamburiñas Rellenas
in-shell scallops stuffed with snow crab meat, shrimp and a blend of cheeses 10

Rib-Eye a la Parrilla (entrée)
2lb angus choice rib eye steak grilled 28

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